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Craftsman LT 2000 CRD 19.5HP
40 In Manual Rear Collect Lawn Tractor
Craftsman YT 4000 V-Twin 24HP 42In Manual Mulching Lawn Tractor
Craftsman YTS 4000 V-Twin 24HP 42In Foot Pedal Hydro Mulching Lawn Tractor
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View this garden / lawn tractor £1,995 inc vat
View this garden / lawn tractor £1,895 inc vat
View this garden / lawn tractor £1,995 inc vat
Craftsman YT 3000 21HP 42in Hydro Mulching Tractor
Craftsman LTS 1500 17.5HP 38 In
Manual Mulching Lawn Tractor
Craftsman LT 2000 V-Twin 24HP
40 In CRD Hydro Rear Collect Lawn Tractor
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View this garden / lawn tractor £1,795 inc vat
View this garden / lawn tractor £1,395 inc vat
View this garden / lawn tractor £2,295 inc vat
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Why Craftsman?


Every Craftsman riding tractor is designed and engineered using state-of-the-art technology, then built to exacting specifications. Each must pass rigorous quality and performance tests before it ever gets to our warehouse. Plus, with over 60 attachments to choose from, they can do much more than cut grass — you’ll be able to get all your aerating, tilling, plowing and sweeping jobs done easily and efficiently. Craftsman Ride-On Mowers are powered by a wide array of quality Briggs & Stratton engines.

Which Model Should I Choose?

There are two different types of grass cutting and collecting systems available in our Craftsman Ride-On Lawn Tractor range.  The type of grass you intend to cut and the terrain of your land will determine which Craftsman ride-on model is best for you.

The first type is a “side discharge” lawn tractor.  This is where the grass is cut and either thrown out at the side, collected in the optional grass collection units, or mulched. This model is available as LTS 1500 with a 17.5 HP Briggs & Stratton INTEK engine and 38” mulching deck.  The LTS 1500 is popular with customers wanting to cut 1 – 3 acres of lawn, paddock or pasture.  There is also the 24HP V-Twin INTEK Plus  “side discharge” model with 42” mulching deck.  This is a big powerful machine capable of cutting larger areas of lawn, orchard, paddock or pasture 3 acres and over.

The second type is the “rear discharge” model (CRD) which is built to cope with European damp grass.  The collection system with this tractor is more sophisticated having a mulching deck each with Hi/Lift mulching wing tips and is very popular with customers who have formal lawn and/or orchard, pasture and paddock.  Again, this model has the Tri-Cut System  -  collect, rear discharge or mulch.  The clippings are turbo-vented from the deck under the seat into one large collector at the rear. Drive to where you want to empty the clippings, pull the lever and the bin will swing and empty the mown grass.  The CRD is capable of cutting 1 – 4 acres.

Rear Discharge Rear Discharge
4 Blade Mulching Deck          Rear Discharge Deflector (optional extra)


The side or rear opening is closed off with either a mulch plate or mulch plug.  The blades cut the grass, the Hi/Lift mulch blades with large wing tips chop the grass smaller and then, because the opening is closed off, the grass clippings fall back down into the lawn.  Mulching can only be done when conditions are suitable i.e. when the grass is shorter and dry.  Genuine mulching is not possible on long, wet grass.

Rear Discharge
Mulching Example   

Which Engine Is Right For Me?

The amount of grass you need to manage, the thickness of your grass, the terrain of your land – have you any slopes or is it flat?  These will all determine the type of engine you require.  If in doubt our professionally trained staff can help and advise.

Single Cylinder Engine

Available in models LTS 1500 17.5HP, CRD LT  2000 19.5HP

  •    Good choice for lawns, paddock or pasture up to 3 acres
  •    Use with decks up to 46”
  •    Powered by DieHard Battery

Twin Cylinder Engine

This is the most powerful engine choice.  Twin cylinders provide a smoother, quieter ride with less vibration and can cope with larger acreage.  Models available with V-Twin are CRD 24HP hydro and YT 4000 manual or hydro.

  •    Good for any size lawn, paddock or pasture but especially areas greater than 3 acres
  •    Use with decks 42” and larger
  •    Powered by DieHard Battery

What Does Hydro Mean?

Hydrostatic means automatic  -  push the lever forward to go faster and pull back to slow down.  There are no gears to change as in the 6-speed Manual machines.  We would however recommend Manual models for any customer who has substantial hills or slopes on their land.

Rear Discharge
Hydro Transmission      

How do I get the Ride-On Lawn Tractor Serviced?

Our professionally trained delivery men will show you how to service the tractor when the machine is delivered to you.  It takes about 20 minutes and you don’t even need a spanner. Always use clean, unleaded petrol.   Drop the oil and change it (SAE 30), change the air and oil filters, clean the tractor and store away for winter.  You can keep your ride-on in the garage, a shed or simply cover with tarpaulin or similar.  Remember to keep your key somewhere safe!

Alternatively if you do not wish to service the machine yourself we have a list of service engineers nationwide.